Global Virtual

FeatureGlobal Virtual
Business Requirement
  • Urgent implementation of a Mission-Critical Project or event e.g. Kick-Off, Project recovery etc.
  • Global Team in different locations, countries or continents
Key Advantages
  • Urgent action to implement mission-critical project, despite team being distributed
  • Can be initiated at short notice
  • Simple scheduling across time zones with Scatterwork’s Virtual Event Scheduling Tool
  • No logistics, visas or travel costs etc.
  • No dead time due to travel
  • Virtual Conference via Browser
  • Webinar platform provided by Scatterwork
Typical Delivery Format
  • 6 half-day sessions, scheduled according to requirements
  • A complete project team which is responsible for one mission-critical project
  • guaranteed
  • Documentation and spoken language: English
Support Material Format Options
  • pdf for reference
  • Electronic Participation Certificate
  • Electronic feedback forms
Client Responsibilities
  • Ensure that participants have adequate project infomation during the Bootcamp
  • Provide stable broadband internet access and headsets for each participant
Business Terms & Conditions
  • Prepayment at time of booking
  • Existing clients and clients in Switzerland: 30% prepayment with balance on delivery.
  • Communications at client cost
  • Substitutes allowed up to beginning of event
  • Cancellation according to Scatterwork Business Terms and Conditions
  • 10% reduction for new clients who are introduced with a Personal Referral Code.
Options (not in basic price)
  • Consultant support after the bootcamp
    • by telephone
    • on-site
  • Implementation of selected project assignments by consultant
  • Handy A5 colour printed booklet
  • Participation certificate