A Gift of Lasting Value

In many parts of the world this is the season for gifts. In private and in business. Among family, friends, neighbors and people you do business with. Some people have a talent for great gift ideas, others rack their brains to come up with a halfway decent idea.If you belong to the second group and look for a gift for someone making an effort to master project management, allow us give you a little tip. There is this book

“Overview to the PMBOK® Guide” by Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir,

which would make a perfect gift. It mixes the learning matter with anecdotes of the author’s life as troubleshooter, coach, trainer and keynote speaker. It is described as the book for everyone in need of a readable instruction to best practice management.

By the way, also members of the first group might want to take advantage of this tip. And not only for this time of the year. The season for giving this book as a gift is all year long, no matter where you live and no matter what language is spoken, because language and style of the book are particularly suitable for readers who speak English as a foreign language.

And if it is you working to become a Project Management Professional, put it on your wish list.

PS: Does your event need a Keynote Speaker? Just call for details!
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