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Who do you know who is struggling with managing a virtual team?  Scatterwork’s Recommendation program compensates both you and the new client when and order is placed.  Because this is valuable to everybody, you also get a bonus.  A win-win situation.

How do I claim my Commission?

  1. Locate your Personal Coupon Code.  If you cannot find it, please request one by email to
  2. Encourage your colleagues to sign up for the Scatterwork Newsletter and redeem your Coupon Code. They will then get instructions for claiming their discount. Contact whoever you know who could benefit from Scatterwork OnlineTeam Training.
  3. Spread your Personal Coupon Code far and wide using email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, other social and professional networks, websites etc.
  4. Increase your chances of earning a bonus: get a Personal Referrals Briefing (optional) and support your connections in understanding the key advantages of Scatterwork Online Team Training.

What’s in it for you and new clients?

  • New clients get a 10% discount on their first booking only.
  • The holder of the personal coupon code gets:

provided that these conditions are met:

  • the new client must sign up for the Scatterwork Newsletter and enter the personal coupon code obtained from another subscriber.
  • the bonus is payable when the new client has made a booking using a valid personal coupon code and has paid for it in full.
  • “first booking” means that a completely new business relationship has been established.  Subsequent bookings from the same client do not attract discount.
  • A personal coupon code can be used by several different new clients and is valid for 12 months.
  • Payouts are made only when supported by full identify and address details of the coupon code holder. Anonymous payments are not possible.
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We believe in 100% privacy and will not give your information out to any third parties.

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